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Bat City Scaregrounds takes COVID very seriously and does our very best to ensure that the current CDC standards are enforced to keep our patrons safe while maintaining a functional business that provides Fall entertainment for our community.  Our park is mostly a well ventilated, outdoor environment.  The CDC has established a transmission risk for prolonged exposures of more than 15 minutes, cumulatively.  It is highly unlikely that our staff will interact with patrons for this duration, indoor or outdoors. Usually, interactions at Halloween theme parks occur on the scale of seconds.  This leaves a majority of the infection risk from patron to patron transmission.  To that end, we have established the following operational measures:

  1. We have sanitation stations in multiple locations throughout the park, including our midway entry, attraction entrances, restrooms and concessions.

  2. We strongly encourage masks, even for those vaccinated.  This is stated multiple times in multiple places, including on all tickets purchased.

  3. We encourage social distancing of groups while they wait in line.

We strongly feel that these operational measures combined with our largely outdoor environment and your social distancing and sanitation makes Bat City Scaregrounds a safe place to enjoy your October and save Halloween for our community!

Bat City Scaregrounds COVID Awareness

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